Atlas Groups activities:

Atlas trade and commercial Group:

As one subsidiary group of Atlas is active in different field of
commercial and trade activities which is not defined in affiliated
companies . In this group importation of several goods and
equipments from Europe and South Asia is concentrated and also
Atlas is representing as an agency of below mentioned companies
of South Korea in Iran in the field of tire and rubber industries:
J. W. Industries, Inc. - Tire Molds of all kinds.
Kangseo Industries, Inc. - Tire Building Drums, Bladder Molds, Dry
Ice Cleaning Machine and Rubber Molds

Atlas Technology Group.:
As one subsidiary of Atlas Co. is active in filed of software and IT,
especially for Medical, Pharmaceutical industry. Atlas Technology
group. is the representative of XID and IABG of Germany, and also
is responsible for implementation of automated system for
registration process of pharmaceuticals in Iran.

Atlas construction Group:
Is another subsidiary of Atlas Co. and is an expert constructor
company with financial support of Atlas Co. and has been active in
establishment of many commercial, industrial and residential

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