About Us

Atlas Co. was established in 2003 as a commercial and engineering consultant investor company. After expanding the activities in different fields, in 2005 Atlas companies diverted
.different activities in newly established companies and groups in herself

:Atlas Gostaran Arya Groupsw •
Atlas Trading and Commercial Group •
Atlas Industrial Supplier and manufacturing Group •
Atlas Information Technology Group •
Atlas Construction Group •
Atlas Pharmaceutical Engineering Group •
Panj Gaman ) Industrial Machinery Company) •

Atlas philosophy is to be an integral part of the value chain by maintaining a
strong service oriented approach to business. We maintain ourselves as an integral member of
:the value chain by providing
” Our partners with aggressive, yet reasonable expectations for their market
“Our customers with quality products, affordable prices and enough information to decide if
they scientifically or medically require our products
” Our nation by professionally conducting our business, thus raising our industry’s expectations of us and our competitors

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